Monday, February 9, 2009

out and about

I went out this past Saturday and did some booking, unloading more than I came home with (which is, in fact, the idea) and I was able to find Clotheslines, a nice Harry Abrams produced HB with DJ, fine first edition, edited by Stan Tymorek. It's a collection of poetry & art dealing with the subject of clothing. Very good indeed.

Then on the CBS Sunday Morning program, they had a piece about books in the city of Paris and spoke with John Baxter who is, among other things, author of A Pound of Paper. I really like this book and the writing style of Mr. Baxter. I looked for the piece online and it isn't anywhere, yet. The reporter, stationed in Paris, was discussing the nature of the printed word in the city of lights and featured a gentleman who is more than a bit of a bibliomaniac. His apartment in Paris was floor to ceiling books, I can't imagine he is lucky with the ladies - there wouldn't be room for them in his apartment.

The piece also showed a book scout in action in Paris and mentioned the number of used book experts who have shops in Paris, I am thinking of moving to Paris (okay, maybe just visit)

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