Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some books should be electronic, I suppose

case in point : Small-Town Restaurants in Virginia
Joanne M. Anderson
John F. Blair, Publisher
Winston-Salem, NC

So, I found this book, in its 3rd printing (2000) and I pondered whether the concept of this book should have been a book at all but the Internet in 1998 hadn't developed nor had people's lateral thinking hadn't developed in such a way to have conceived of doing this interesting idea as a hyper-text. If it were to be re-made nowadays, it should not be printed as a book but as an updatable text. I wonder how many of the restaurants listed in this book are still in operation 13 years later. How many have the same chefs? How have they been reviewed (or flamed?)

In a case like this, I can see it existing as a "text", ie. e-book.

As for the book here - it's not here, I pulped it. It's gone.

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