Thursday, April 9, 2015

i have an office

As of mid-December 2014, I have an office. The office used to be the right half of what used to be the front porch at the house we moved into in Sept. 2009 and bought from the owner in Sept. 2013. It was one of my wife's first BIG projects. The other half of what used to be the front porch is now our "mudroom". This half, my half, is my work space and book shelving unit and (vain) attempt of creating order out of chaos in my life. An attempt to reduce my "little pieces of paper" problem. It's working, to a degree, but it isn't like a witch with a broom sweeps through and unclutters the place - or my brain. It's in incremental stages.

I have for a number of years used our living space to build a library and conduct a small book selling operation which did, in 4 brief years, help me to pay off my Masters Degree student loans from George Mason University. That's sayin' sumtin'.

I learned alot along the way. About authors, publishers, Presses, illustrators, etc. That process continues even as my attention from this blog obviously has verged elsewhere. I will talk about my various finds and sales soon.

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