Tuesday, October 21, 2008

censorship rears its head

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - The Jordanian prosecution says police
have arrested a local writer for incorporating verses from
the Quran, the Muslim holy book, into his love poetry.

A judicial official says that poet Islam Samhan published
his collection of poems, "Grace like a Shadow," which
allegedly insults the holy book, without the approval of
the Jordanian government.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he
was not authorized to speak to the media.

Samhan was charged Tuesday with harming the Islamic faith
and violating the press and publication law for combining
the sacred words of the Quran with sexual themes.

If convicted the poet could face up to three years in

so, where can I get a copy of this book? I more than a little curious to know how a poet can go to jail for writing something about Islam. Islam does not seem to be open to interpretation or alternative views, or criticism. Death to anyone who questions Allah? Um, okay that's very 11th century. But we are living in the 21st century now. If this religion is 'the true one' can it not be examined or explored? If not, why not?

and how can I get a copy of this book? Who published it? Have any copies made it out of Jordan? I am more than a little curious to know.


Suzan Abrams said...

Hello Steven,
You came to my blog Kafez yesterday. Hada Sarhan a well-known journalist in Jordan has written to you. She is now with an independent arabic newspaper that has subscriptions all over the middle-east.
I have reprinted her answer to you that may answer your questions.



hada sarhan said...
dear steven,
my name is hada sarhan am islam boss at alarab alyawm newspaper..i read you are searching for the poetry book "Grace like a Shadow " i have coppies and would like to give you one as me and my collogues are trying to help islam,,,do you live in amman ? call me on 00962777483141 or send me your postal address.

Suzan Abrams said...

Hi again Steven,
Not sure if you received my email reply. Just sent this morning (Oct 24)but I can't find a record of it in my folder. Anyway just to say, will pass your letter on and inform you accordingly.
Btw, Samhan has been released temporarily. His court case starts next week.