Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Collapse of Work by Clive Jenkins & Barrie Sherman

Sometimes it is the providence of a book that is the remarkable (or notorious) element of it. In this case, the copy of The Collapse of Work by Clive Jenkins and Barrie Sherman (1979) was inscribed and signed by Mr. Jenkins to a "Congressman Frank Thompson". I wondered about this Congressman, and did a Wiki-search for him and yep, he existed : BAM! Abscam! A crooked Congressman. Well, shucks

That happened in 1980 so this book likely reached him in 1979 when the book was released (by Eyre Methuen, printed in Great Britain in 1979) So, EX-Congressman Thompson served 3 years in Federal prison and then retired to live out his life in Alexandria, VA. Interesting, that's where I found this copy. In the library donation bin.

If this Congressman had not left office in disgrace, perhaps this book would be worth something. As it is, the title of the book is a bit ironic: He was part of the group of Congressmen who had a funny idea of what constituted "work".

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