Friday, February 10, 2012

maybe my specialty is "the quirk"

maybe when it comes down to it that despite my interest areas what I am really good at is what I call "the quirk" : the bizarre, unusual, weird, definitely out-of-the-main-stream items. Like What it was was Rockabilly which I found at the local library. I sold it to a University collection for $28.95.

I don't remember libraries selling books so OUTRIGHT in their buildings but maybe they always have. At the least, it has evolved from semi-annual book sales at libraries to "on-going" sales. I don't recall seeing the change, but it definitely has occurred. Quirky books like this one are nothing like the norm; they are eye catching for people like me who is out there scouting for "the other".

I recently went to a Thrift store that wrote the price of each book on the spine in China marker. Ugh. I left without purchasing a single thing. No thank you.

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